New World of Learning

With the advent of affordable, or even cheap, tablet computers, e-readers, phones, and other touch enabled digital displays, many have asked about the use of physical textbooks, both in an education and private setting.

The mainstream point of view is currently that, while digital displays offer a huge  advantage in terms of interaction and the possibility to display various types of content (video, animations, text, slideshows,…), they also have one big drawback: their current form factor is not ideal for ‘analog’ processing of the content displayed.  Backlit screens make your eyes tired quickly, the kinesthetic process of wrting, marking up, drawing, summarizing,… isn’t as present on, say, an iPad than a physical textbook.

But with Papertab and similar solutions at the horizon, one wonders how long it will be before a paper (text)book becomes a medium of choice in specific circumstances, instead of the go-to standard…

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